other Insurance claims


While a large portion of Patrick’s practice involves ERISA disability claims, he also helps clients with other insurance claims.  For example, he has handled numerous cases when an insurance company denied “accidental death insurance” claims for various reasons (often, the insurance company will say the death was “not caused by an accident”).  While some of these cases involve ERISA, many do not.

If you have questions about an insurance company’s denial --- whether it’s disability insurance, life or accidental death insurance, or other types of benefits --- contact Patrick with your questions.  

in addition to disability claims, Patrick helps clients with other insurance claims, including:   life, accidental death, and health insurance claims. 

Patrick has represented clients in a variety ERISA and non-ERISA insurance cases, including:

  1. Disability Insurance

  2. Life Insurance

  3. Medical Insurance

  4. Accidental Death

  5. And Other Insurance Coverage

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