short and long term disability claims


Short and long term disability benefits are meant to protect you if you are unable to work by replacing a portion of your income; usually about 60% of your “pre-disability income.” 

Some of the common disability insurance companies are:

  1. Metropolitan Life Insurance Company (MetLife)

  2. The Hartford, and Hartford Life and Accident Insurance Company

  3. Cigna

  4. The Life Insurance Company of North America (LINA)

  5. Unum, UnumProvident, Paul Revere, and other Unum subsidiaries

  6. Colonial Life

  7. Prudential

  8. Aetna

  9. Lincoln National Life Insurance Company

  10. Sedgwick CMS

  11. Arizona State Retirement System (ASRS)

Although these companies are supposed review your claim fairly, they might not.  After all, if a disability insurance company approves too many claims, it might not make the large profits it wants.  Therefore, disability insurance companies might deny your claim even though you, and all your doctors, agree you can’t work. 

One of the things a disability insurance company might do to deny your claim is send your file and medical records to an “independent” physician for his review.  This would be a doctor not technically on the insurance company’s payroll.  Unfortunately, this “independent” doctor is often someone who makes a lot of money by doing lots of reviews for a disability insurance company.  Therefore, that physician may not want to “bite the hand that feeds him,” and he will cherry-pick your records to find a reason to deny your claim.      

When a disability insurance company denies your short or long term disability claim, you can appeal the denial.  But be careful --- having your doctors send additional letters will probably not be enough.  You may need to get your own tests, examinations, reviews, or supply other information to specifically address the disability insurance company’s conclusions.

If you have questions about what type of information to include with your appeal, contact Patrick Mause for a free consultation on the types of information you might want to include when you appeal an insurance company’s denial of your short or long term disability claim.   


Background on long and short term disability benefits, denials, appeals, and rights

If your disability claim is denied, be careful with your appeal.  Sometimes people appeal their own claims and don’t include all the information they could.  Disability insurance companies love this because it gives them another big advantage. 

Be especially careful if you send in information and the insurance company calls and asks if you have sent in “all the information you plan to submit.”  If you say “yes,” you might never be able to get in additional information you need for your claim.

If you have questions about your short or long term disability claim, denial, or how best to appeal, contact Patrick Mause for a free consultation.   Patrick has helped clients appeal disability denials from numerous insurance companies, including:

  1. Cigna

  2. LINA

  3. MetLife

  4. Hartford

  5. Unum

  6. Provident

  7. Paul Revere

  8. Lincoln National

  9. Prudential

  10. Sedgwick CMS

  11. Arizona State Retirement System (ASRS)

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